FAQ Contents

Pre-event Queries

How long can I hold the booking?

Once a provisional booking has been made if payment is not received after 5 days, unless otherwise agreed with Woods’ Silver Fleet in writing, the booking will automatically be released.

Are children allowed?

All Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are for adults only and have an 18 and over age limit in place.

Do you have a dress code?

Our dress code is advised as smart i.e. no sportswear or trainers.

When do I need to pay?

Once you have confirmed the booking we need full payment to secure the places. Please note this payment is non-refundable, unless the cruise is cancelled by Woods’ Silver Fleet.

Can I add guests to my existing booking at a later date?

Subject to availability, guests may be added to an existing booking at a later date.  These additional places would need to be paid for at the time of confirmation.

Once I have paid for my tickets what happens if someone drops out?

The ticket price is non refundable, but if someone does drop out the drinks that were included within their package price would still be allocated to the remaining members of the party.

Can I reserve specific tables?

Woods’ Silver Fleet does not allocate specific tables at the time of booking. If you have specific table requests then please mention it at the time of booking and every effort will be made to see if this is possible, depending on existing bookings, but this is not guaranteed.  Tables are allocated upon arrival on a first come, first served basis.

What if I/my guests have special dietary requirements?

Vegetarian options must be pre-ordered. If any of your party has any specific dietary requirements i.e. allergies or intolerances, then these must be advised no less than 7 working days before the event, otherwise these may not be possible to accommodate on the night. If we are alerted to a special diet on the night, we will try our best to cater for this request but this cannot be guaranteed.

What if I/my guests don’t like either of the food options?

Unfortunately in order to offer the highest quality of food and service we do not offer an ‘a la carte’ service onboard the Silver Fleet. Being a unique floating venue, we have limited storage and cooking space so we are unable to offer more than a set menu plus a (pre-ordered) vegetarian option of which details would have been given at the time of booking. Special diets are the only exception.

On The Night

Pier Boarding Pass

We will issue you with a Pier Boarding Pass which you will be able to download to a mobile phone device and will be required for access to the Silver Fleet vessels.

Boarding procedure

At the time of confirmation you will be sent written details of the boarding procedure. We will have your party on the guest list under your lead name. Your guests will then be directed to their tables where they will be able to enjoy their reception drinks.

How does the actual boarding procedure work on the night?

We allow a lengthy boarding period in order to embark often a large number of guests, consisting of numerous different parties. Please note that we cannot predict how guests will arrive at the pier and you may be expected to queue for a time in an area exposed to the elements. Please plan accordingly.  Please note that the management team is very sensitive to this and will always try to board guests as quickly as possible.

Road closures

Woods’ Silver Fleet and the catering team have no control over the roads and pathways surrounding London and it's piers, as they are public walkways. Any closures by the police due to congestion or festivities during New Year’s Eve are beyond our scope of control.  Please visit Transport for London’s website for more details. Despite the area around Tower Bridge Quay being outside of the fireworks road closure area, you may require more time to reach the embark point due to the various road closures in London and the larger than usual number of people on foot. Please check Transport for London’s website for the best ways to travel on New Year’s Eve.

What happens if I am running late?

Piers in central London during the Christmas period are notoriously busy and we book a specific pier slot for embark and disembark which we are obliged to adhere to. In order to maintain the timings of the cruise and to ensure guests who have boarded on time enjoy the full cruising time, we cannot guarantee that the boat will wait for latecomers.

Do you need a list of names for the door?

If you have a large party we would recommend having a member of your group “on the door” checking them in so you know they are all there, otherwise we do not require a full list of everyone who will be coming on board. If you did want to check your own guests in, the manager on the door would direct your guests to the main dance floor where you would be able to check them in. We cannot do this on the door itself due to space restrictions, whilst boarding a large number of guests.

Can we bring additional decorations?

All the tables will be decorated in line with the bespoke Christmas theme for the year. Due to space constraints and to maintain the integrity of the theme, we would ask that no other large decorations, such as balloons, are added but small individual novelties for the tables may be brought along, please contact us for further advice.

What if I need to get off the vessel urgently due to an emergency?

Although piers along the Thames require pre-booking in order to embark or disembark there, in the case of an emergency we are never more than 10 minutes away from a pier, should we need to call in.

Food and Drink

Food service

We will generally serve the meal as soon as we set sail from the pier, once we have everyone onboard. Due to the layout of the vessel and the style of service, some areas are served earlier than others.  A snapshot of the evening’s itinerary will be sent to you before the event itself, but due to the scope and calibre of the menu and the unique venue space itself, the 3 courses may be served over a period of 3 hours.

Can we upgrade wine included in the package for different wines on the night?

Our wines included within the package price are specially selected wines we have selected to accompany the menu for the evening.  Due to space constraints on the vessel, individual wine upgrades are not available on this cruise.  A wine and champagne list, available on a cash basis, will be available on board on the night for those wishing to purchase additionally however.

Is it table service for drinks?

Bottles of champagne may be ordered with the waiting staff, but all other drinks do need to be ordered by guests at the bar.

Can we run a bar tab on the night?

Yes, you can. A limited number of bar tabs can be run for a whole table or party with or without restrictions imposed by you.  Please note bar tabs are required to be closed off 20 – 30 minutes prior to our arrival back at the disembark pier and you will be asked for a card to be held behind the bar.  Please note that wifi signal on the river is not always reliable, so there can be delays with credit card transactions; cash is happily accepted.  The bar will still be open for drinks purchases until licensed closing/drinking up time, usually approximately 30 minutes before full disembark.

What kind of music does the DJ play?

Our DJ’s play a general party mix ranging from 60’s and 70’s to the modern day in order to accommodate the large range of clientele we welcome on board this event.